All Shall Fade (Cover)


Here’s a rough recording of one of my newer songs


I added vocals to the song, “Hideaway.”

Any and all criticisms are welcomed!


My new video is my old song, “City of Snow.”

I wrote this song over two years ago and I haven’t really done anything with it. I tried recording it a few times before, but all my vocals were crap. So here is just me and the ukulele, doing an acoustic version of it. Hope you enjoy :)

Park Walk Reminisce-Vatem Anima

Here’s a new piano piece that I just came up with today. I kind ofimagined someone walking through a park, thinking over his life and where he should go from there. It’s a simple piece, but I think it’s fun, but with some sad, reminiscent undertones. The tempo is a bit fast, in this recording.

Eternal Goodbye - Vatem Anima

Well, It’s pretty much done. Just need to adjust volumes on a few things, and I think that’s it. I would appreciate feedback :3

So, I’m starting to write my tracks down in musescore (a program that lets you write sheet music) and here’s a song I just finished scoring. It’s a fusion of one of my old songs and my newest piano piece. Enjoy the un-magical sound of cold, heartless midi.

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Vatem Anima - My Perfect Storm

At last, my first finished song! The video is quite laughable, though. lol I may do some adjustments to the volume of the vocals, but other than that, it’s pretty much done :)